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Boracay land titling

Boracay land titling application has been a huge concern on Boracay Island since Presidential Proclamation 1801 was given in 1978 and Philippine Travel related Authority Circular No. 3-82 implementing Proclamation 1801 throughout opposition to applications for confirmation of imperfect title or free patent on the particular Island. This Proclamation 1801 declares certain Islands, coves and peninsulas within the Philippines as traveler areas and underwater reserves below the administration and control about the Philippine Tourism Authority.

Apart from just for those persons whom have procured their land from homeowners holding typical Boracay land titling property or home holdings in Boracay Island are evidenced through another form involving government recognized evidence of ownership, which will is the particular "tax declaration". While tax declarations do possibly not present the particular declared owner or possessor of land by using the security of indefeasible title provided as a result of the Torrens system of land registration.

This being so, it is the inherent consequence that a new persons title around the Boracay land titling by tax declaration" may well be subject matter to be able to direct and collateral attack by adverse claimants. The premises reviews confidentially commissioned by holders of tax declarations while never conclusive seeing that to actual boundaries of properties or their declared areas are nevertheless best data of the metes and bounds of the property covered.

To make sure this, buyers require to gather the signatures involving the particular adjoining neighbors to sign about the particular latest Boracay land titling survey map along with to an Affidavit of Adjoining owner as evidence in which these people possess no boundary dispute with them neighbors.

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